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U.S. Senator Warns Decades’ Worth of Weapons Production Expended on Ukraine War: Readiness of American Units Threatened

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference United States Senator from Ohio James David Vance has warned that supplies of armaments to Ukraine have been totally unsustainable when considering the productive capacities of the American defence sector. He stated that American output of military

New Footage Shows Ukraine’s U.S.-Supplied Abrams Tanks in First Combat: Images Fuel Speculation of Battlefield Loss

Drone footage taken on February 23 has shown the first combat operations by a Ukrainian Army M1A1 Abrams tank against Russian forces and supporting militia groups operating in the disputed Donbas regions. Thirty one of the vehicles were first delivered after some delay in the final week of

Former Russian President Reveals Why New T-14 Armata Tanks Not Deployed: Reiterates Praise for T-90M as ‘Best in World’

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev on February 22 revealed why the Army had not put the T-14 Armata next generation main battle tank into service in Ukraine. “the Armata is a new tank, which has not yet fully passed all trials,” he stated, emphasising that it was also “not the

Pentagon Warns Ukraine Can’t Maintain U.S.-Supplied Arsenals: Weapons Shortages Continue to Worsen

Pentagon Inspector General Robert P. Storch has warned that the United States has not made plans or preparations to maintain, service or repair the tanks, armoured vehicles and air defence systems Washington has supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.  This failure to plan “puts at risk Ukraine’s

Russian Su-35 Fighter Lost in Action Over Donbas: How Many ‘Super Flankers’ Have Been Shot Down in Combat?

Multiple Russian sources have reported that the Russian Air Force has lost a Su-35 heavyweight fighter during hostilities over the strategically located Donbas town of Avdiivka, which was captured by Russian forces on February 17. Sources have conflicted over whether the loss was an incident of