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Poland’s Top General Warns War Situation ‘Does Not Look Good’ For Ukraine: Russia Much Better Positioned to Sustain Efforts

Amid ongoing fighting in Eastern Ukraine, and reports of extreme casualties among Ukrainian forces, Polish Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Rajmund Andrzejczak has warned that that Kiev’s position appears to be fast declining. “War always was, is, and there is nothing to indicate otherwise – a

Iran’s New Air Defence System Identifies ‘Fingerprints’ of Individual F-35 Stealth Fighters – Reports

In the latest of multiple breakthroughs in the development of indigenous air defence systems Iran has reportedly developed a system capable of detecting the“fingerprints” of individual F-35 stealth fighters and other advanced assets fielded by adversaries. Issues with the F-35’s heavier counterpart

U.S. Army Loses Two Apache Attack Helicopters in Alaska Crash: Army Aviation Grounded After Multiple Deadly Accidents

Following a training mission on April 27 two U.S. Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were destroyed in a crash in Alaska, with three of the four personnel manning them killed and a fourth injured. The aircraft came from the 1st Attack Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, which formed shortly before

Britain’s New Aircraft Carrier Stripped For Parts After Breakdowns Take it Out of Service: Flight Elevators Removed Entirely

The British Royal Navy’s most costly warship the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales is currently being stripped for parts, after multiple performance issues culminating in incidents of flooding and major mechanical failures forced the new ship into a long period of repairs. Not only have items

Battlefield in Ukraine: Polish Contractors Join Bakhmut Frontlines as Russian Fighters Take Out S-300 Air Defences

Amid ongoing hostilities in Eastern Ukraine large numbers of Polish military contractors have reportedly been deployed to reinforce Ukrainian Army positions, according to the head of the Russian Wagner Group paramilitary force Yevgeny Prigozhin who has overseen many of the operations in the area.

Belarusian Operators For Nuclear Warheads and Iskander Hypersonic Missiles Return From Training in Russia

Belarusian military units operating Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems have returned from combat training in Russia and begun their first active combat training in Belarus itself, according to reports from the country’s defence ministry. It was revealed that these specialists had been

Pentagon Concerned Ukraine’s Air Defences Will Likely Run Out Within a Month: Russian Air Force May Finally Begin to Dominate

Recent leaks of secret documents from the U.S. Department of Defence have shown that there are rising concerns within the Pentagon regarding the state of the Ukrainian Air Force’s surface to air missile network. These have played a central role in its ongoing war effort with Russia but are

Russia’s T-14 Armata Next Gen. Tank Finally Deployed to Ukrainian Frontlines: What Will Its Value Be?

The Russian Military has begun deployments of T-14 Armata next generation battle tanks to Ukraine, with the vehicles having received special modification specifically for the combat conditions of the theatre where they face some of the Western world’s top anti armour missile systems. “have not yet

Retribution By Iskander Missile: Notorious Georgian Legion Takes Heavy Losses After War Crimes Against Russian Personnel

On April 24 Russian Army Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov announced a successful strike using an Iskander ballistic missile system on the positions of the Georgian Legion foreign fighters group in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk. The territory is currently an epicentre of fighting in the country

American F-35s and Russian S-300s Are Duelling in the Electromagnetic Spectrum Over Eastern European Skies

American F-35 fifth generation fighter units have played a significant role in NATO campaigns in Eastern Europe against Russian forces, as the Western alliance continues to play a central role in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War in support of Kiev’s war effort. As the only post fourth generation