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Which Thirteen Chinese Brigades Are Now Reported to Deploy J-20 Stealth Fighters? Fleet Grows Faster as Production Expands

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has seen delivery rates of J-20 fifth generation fighters increase rapidly since 2021, after the aircraft was reported to have entered production on a much larger scale at the end of that year. The PLA Air Force is the sole operator of the J-20,

Russia Has Taken Out the Majority of Ukraine’s German Leopard 2 Tanks: Abrams Tanks Kept Far From Any Combat

The majority of German built Leopard 2 tanks operated by the Ukrainian Army have been rendered inoperable in combat with Russian forces, with over one quarter totally destroyed and the remainder damaged beyond the Army’s ability to repair them. Foreign Affairs, the journal of the United States’

U.S. Forces Take 37+ Casualties in Drone Strike on Frontier Mideast Base: How Will Escalating Hostilities Evolve?

On January 28 U.S. forces at the Tower 22 military facility on the Jordanian-Syrian border took over 30 casualties in an overnight drone attack, with three U.S. Army soldiers killed in the strike. This represents the highest casualty count for an attack on American forces in the region since

Ukraine Unsatisfied with American Bradley Fighting Vehicles After Extreme Losses: Swastikas Raise Controversies

Following months of reports of increasingly heavy losses suffered by Ukrainian Army units operating Bradley Fighting Vehicles, which were supplied by the United States from April 2023, CNN reported that Ukrainian forces have expressed growing dissatisfaction with the asset’s performance against

Greece Moving Ahead with $8.6 Billion Purchase of 40 F-35 Stealth Fighters Despite Economic Woes

The U.S. State Department on January 26 approved a possible $8.6 billion sale of 40 F-35 fifth generation fighter aircraft to the Greek Defence Ministry, with this occurring in parallel to the approval of a $20 billion contract for the modernisation of neighbouring Turkey’s F-16 fleet and supply of 40 new F-16s to the country. The Greek government formally requested the acquisition of 40 F-35As and two spare Pratt & Whitney

Why the U.S. Refused to Send A-10 Attack Jets to Ukraine: Low Survivability Against Russian Air Defences Threatened Defence Sector’s Reputation

Following the escalation of Russian-Ukrainian hostilities into a full scale war from February 2022 it was widely speculated that the United States could seek to supply A-10 Warthog ground attack jets to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of a surge in arms supplies to the country. Although the

Hezbollah Resumes Air Defence Suppression Strikes: Kamikaze Drones Take Out Israel’s Iron Dome Batteries

The Lebanese militia and political party Hezbollah has resumed strikes on the Israeli Iron Dome air defence system near the Lebanese-Israeli border, with two single use ‘kamikaze’ drones reported on January 25 to have been employed to neutralise one such system near the Israeli settlement of Kfar