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Azerbaijan Negotiating Acquisition of China’s New JF-17 Block 3 Fighters with ‘DNA’ From Stealth Fighter Programs

The Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan is currently negotiating the possible acquisition of Chinese JF-17 Block 3 fighter aircraft under a contract reported to be valued at $1.6 billion. This closely follows the class’ entry into service the Pakistan Air Force in 2023, and will allow the Soviet

Footage Confirms Destruction of First Abrams Tank in Ukraine Three Days After Confirmed Frontline Deployment

Footage released on February 26 has provided first confirmation of the destruction of an M1A1 Abrams tank operated by the Ukrainian Army. The tank was targeted by a single use ‘kamikaze’ drone and suffered at least one hit from a man-portable anti tank grenade launcher. This occurred in Berdychi

Russian Su-34 Strike Fighters Use Guided Glide Bombs to Neutralise Ukrainian Army Units Around Kupyansk

The Russian Air Force has deployed Su-34 strike fighters to launch precision strikes against Ukrainian infantry and armoured units near Kupyansk, according to a report by the Russian Defence Ministry on February 26. The aircraft used high diameter glide bombs with precision guidance, including the

Can Air Defence Systems Fight Each Other? Russian SAMs Just Shot Down a Patriot Missile Launch Over Ukraine

Surface to air missile (SAM) systems have since the mid 1950s played an increasingly central role in allowing states to deny adversaries the ability to either operate aircraft in or launch missile strikes against protected airspace. With adversaries of the United States relying increasingly heavily on such

U.S. Senator Warns Decades’ Worth of Weapons Production Expended on Ukraine War: Readiness of American Units Threatened

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference United States Senator from Ohio James David Vance has warned that supplies of armaments to Ukraine have been totally unsustainable when considering the productive capacities of the American defence sector. He stated that American output of military

New Footage Shows Ukraine’s U.S.-Supplied Abrams Tanks in First Combat: Images Fuel Speculation of Battlefield Loss

Drone footage taken on February 23 has shown the first combat operations by a Ukrainian Army M1A1 Abrams tank against Russian forces and supporting militia groups operating in the disputed Donbas regions. Thirty one of the vehicles were first delivered after some delay in the final week of