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Four U.S. Army Apache Attack Helicopters Crash in 43 Days: Fleet Pressed to Face Widespread Security Commitments

The United States Army’s most capable class of attack helicopter, the AH-64 Apache, has taken two losses to accidents within just three days, and four losses in under 44 days, causing major concerns for personnel safety and leading to repeated grounding of parts of the fleet. The first of the two

Turkey to Support U.S. Efforts to Expand Artillery Supplies to Ukraine and Israel: F-35s On Offer to Ankara

The United States is set to significantly expand acquisitions of military grade explosives from Turkey to support efforts to expand American artillery production, following growing concerns regarding the serious depletion of domestic stockpiles. An expanded capacity for artillery production would

Chinese JH-7 Strike Fighters Provide Close Air Support During Exercises: Aviation and Special Forces Coordinate Closely

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force deployed JH-7A strike fighters to provide close air support to ground forces as part of cross service exercises in southern China. Supporting special forces from the army, navy and air force, JH-7s in an aviation brigade under the Southern

How Buying Russian R-37M Missiles Could Make China’s Unimportant Su-35 Fighter Squadron Highly Useful

In November 2015 the Chinese Defence Ministry became the first client for the Russian Su-35S ‘4++ generation’ air superiority fighter, acquiring what in Russian service was considered a regiment’s worth of the aircraft comprised of two 12 strong battalions. The first of these were delivered in