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America’s Abrams Tank Almost Followed the Soviet T-80U to be Fielded in a Economical Diesel Version: Ukraine Likely Wishes It Had

The U.S. Army’s sole class of main battle tank the M1 Abrams, which has served since 1980 and remains one of just two Western tank classes in production today, has seen renewed attention drawn to its capabilities after the announcement that the vehicles would be provided as aid to the Ukrainian

Israel Launches First Ever Drone Strike Attempts on Iranian Soil: How Will Tehran Respond?

In the early hours of January 29 the Israeli Defence Forces launched a drone strike on a munitions facility near the Iranian city of Isfahan, with one of the three aircraft shot down by air defences while two more crashed into a protective mesh above a military facilities. The Iranian Defence Ministry commented regarding

U.S. Air Mobility Command Chief Predicts Major War With China in Two Years: Taiwan Strait the Focal Point

Head of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command General Mike Miniha has predicted in a recent two page internal memo that the country is likely to be engaged in a major conventional war with China in the near future, and called for the necessarily preparations. “Unrepentant lethality matters

Russian Built Su-30 Fighters Conclude Unprecedented Deployment to Japan: Implications of Veer Guardian 2023

On January 10 Russian built Su-30 fighter jets landed on Japanese soil at Hyakuri Air Base, 130km north of Tokyo, marking the first ever deployment of Russian or Soviet aircraft to the East Asian country. Flown by the Indian Air Force, which is the world’s largest operator of the Su-30 and uses

Will Russia Develop a Su-35 Twin Seater For Iran? AEW&C and Training Needs Make Second Officer Preferable

On January 15 the deputy head of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Shahriar Heydari, confirmed that the first Su-35s would be delivered by the Iranian new year in March 2024. This follows a statement by the Commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of

One F-16 For the Price of 2.5 F-35s: Why Jordan’s Newly Ordered Last Gen. Fighters Are the Most Expensive Ever

The long awaited order contracting of modernised F-16 Fighting Falcon fourth generation fighter jets for the Royal Jordanian Air Force was confirmed on January 19, and has been at the centre of major controversy since due to the extraordinarily high price being paid for the aircraft. Twelve F-16s,

China’s Sixth Generation Fighter Tech Demonstrator Already Flying? The Latest Look From the 611 Institute

New footage of a tailless fighter in flight being observed on a monitor in China, reportedly at the 611 Institute, has raised speculation that the country has a technology demonstrator for its J-XX sixth generation fighter program already operational. The institute is part of the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation,