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Evaluating All 15 of Russia’s Operational Fighter/Interceptor Classes: Ranked From Most to Least Dangerous

Although only a fraction of its size in the Soviet era, where it was by far the world’s largest, the Russian fleet of tactical combat jets today is still the world’s third largest by numbers with 803 airframes in service and one of the most diverse range of aircraft in service in the world. The

Ukraine Intensifies Offensives Against Russian Positions: British SAS Playing Central Role in Thrust Towards Crimea

The Ukrainian Military and supporting paramilitaries have escalated offensives against Russian positions in Eastern Ukraine, according to reports from both Russian and Western sources on July 28. The Washington-based Institute of Study of War reported two days prior the beginning of “a significant

First Look at North Korea’s Massive New Surveillance Drone: An Important Force Multiplier and Landmark Industry Achievement

The North Korean state run Korean Central News Agency has released the first footage of an unnamed new class of drone, which is one of the largest in the world and by far the largest ever deployed by the country. The aircraft was shown in a video released on the 70th anniversary of the end of the

Imparting Experience From Bakhmut: Battle-Hardened Wagner Veterans Commence Drills With Belarusian Forces

The Belarusian Interior Ministry’s forces have begun joint military exercises with private military contractors from the Wagner Group, which redeployed to the country in June after over a year of intensive combat operations in Ukraine are are expected to convey much regarding their experience in

Indonesian Government Warns Against Nukes in SE Asia – But Military Increasingly Hosts Western Nuclear-Capable Assets

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi raised the alarm ahead of a two-day summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the second week of July, stressing that they placed the region at significant risk. She joined a growing number of official voices I the region pressing for a treaty