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Chinese Y-20 Airlift Operations Highlight Global Reach: Aid Delivery to Flood-Hit Pakistan is Their Latest Mission

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s fast growing fleet of Xi’an Y-20 heavy airlift jets has gained growing attention as its international presence has expanded, most notably since six of the aircraft were used to rapidly deliver HQ-22 surface to air missile systems

Clients Don’t Want Swedish Gripen Fighters: SAAB CEO Admits ‘Extreme Frustration’ at No Sales For Eight Years

President and CEO of the Swedish aerospace and defence firm SAAB AB Micael Johansson had informed reporters of his “extreme frustration” at the years long lack of export successes for the Gripen fighter jet. He told several defence media outlets at the firm’s Stockholm headquarters on August 26 that the fighter was not

China’s Air Force Finally Took J-20 Stealth Fighters ‘Off the Leash’ For First Display of High Manoeuvrability

On August 27 the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force gave its first public demonstration of the subsonic manoeuvrability of its J-20, with two of the fighters deployed to PLA Air Force open day in Changchun, in Northeast China’s Jilin province. Its performance contrasted to the basic

We Visited the Place Where Belarus’ Top Combat Jets Were Laid to Rest – As Minsk Considers Fighter Fleet’s Future

On August 26 Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko announced that his country’s combat aircraft had been modified to deploy nuclear weapons, with local media reporting and then retracting a claim that this referred to Soviet-built Su-24 strike fighters. “Some time ago in St. Petersburg, we together with

Belarus Wants to Revive a Nuclear-Armed Strike Fighter Capability: Its Best Jets For the Mission May Already Be Gone

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced on August 26 that his country’s combat jets had been modified to deploy nuclear weapons, with accompanying reports from Reuters and other Western sources indicating that the country’s Su-24M strike fighters may have been recommissioned for this

Disastrous European Stealth Fighter Program is Expanding New Markets For American F-35s – Spain Could Be Next

Amid ongoing revelations regarding the troubled state of the joint Franco-German-Spanish Future Combat Air System (FCAS) sixth generation fighter program, a growing number of European air forces are expected to look to the United States to supply F-35 fifth generation fighters to modernise their

33 Years After First Flight is the B-2 Spirit Being Repurposed From a Bomber to a Cruise Missile Carrier?

The first test launch of the AGM-158B JASSM-ER cruise missile from the U.S. Air Force’s sole class of stealth bomber the B-2 Spirit was confirmed by manufacturer Northrop Grumman on August 25, marking an important step towards finally providing the aircraft with a standoff strike capability. “The

America’s New Air Superiority Fleet: These Two Fighters Will Replace the F-22A and F-15C/D

The U.S. Air Force has relied on the F-15 Eagle as a prime air superiority fighter since 1975, with the aircraft being the first from the fourth generation to enter service in any air force worldwide and developed with ambitious specifications to counter the formidable Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat interceptor. By the end of the conflict in 1989 over 900 of the costly Eagles