Monthly Archives: August 2023

Belarus Expands Missile Arsenal For New Nuclear Forces: Army Commissions Latest Iskander-M Brigade

A new brigade of Iskander-M tactical ballistic systems has been commissioned into the Belarusian Army, with this closely following the country’s entry into a nuclear weapons sharing agreement with Russian and confirmation that the Iskander would be a primary delivery vehicle for potential nuclear strikes. In parallel to

U.S. Air Force Restoring Nuclear Assets in Britain: Tactical Warheads to Return as F-35 Squadrons Forward Deployed

The U.S. Air Force is in the process of re-establishing its forward deployed nuclear forces in the United Kingdom, according to multiple reports from a range of Western sources. The service’s budget justification package for 2024 notes the planned construction of a “surety dormitory” at Royal Air

Russia Makes Rare MiG-29 Deployment to Intercept Norwegian Spy Plane: Why the Once Venerated Fighter Seldom Appears Today

On August 23 the Russian Air Force made a rare deployment of a MiG-29 fighter to intercept a Norwegian Air Force P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft near Russian airspace over the Barents Sea. The Russian National Defence Management Centre reported regarding the incident: “On August 23, 2023,

North Korea is Finally Taking its Surface Navy Seriously: First Look at New Amnok Class Corvette’s Cruise Missile Capability

North Korea has for the first time demonstrated the cruise missile strike capabilities of its most capable class of surface warship, the Amnok Class corvette, with a test launch of the Hwasal-2 missile. The missile class and the closely related Hwasal-1 were first seen being launched from mobile

U.S. Air Force Ordering New Radar Evading Drone to Train For a Fight With China’s J-20 Stealth Fighters

The U.S. Air Force has re-initiated a program to acquire a fighter sized unmanned aircraft with stealth capabilities, which will be used as a target drone to improve the fleet’s capabilities to engage enemy stealth fighters.  The firm Advanced Technology International received a $77.2 million