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This Strike Fighter Would Have Been Perfect for War in Ukraine: Why Russia Doesn’t Have Any SEAD Foxbats Left

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February 24 Russia’s air defence suppression efforts have been widely criticised as somewhat underwhelming, with Ukraine’s network built up primarily around Soviet-built S-300 variants and supplemented by low altitude handheld launchers such as the

Avoiding an Aleppo Scenario: This is Why Germany and America Won’t Send Leopard II or Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

Since shortly after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February widespread calls began to emerge in the West to supply the Ukrainian Army and possibly Kiev-aligned militias and contractors with Western main battle tanks to enhance their armoured warfare capabilities. Ukraine has since

British Defence Source Highlights Why UK Will Try to Stop an Argentine JF-17 Fighter Purchase – But May Allow F-16s Instead

The Argentine Air Force has for over a decade been considering a range of options to modernise its fighter fleet, with no major acquisitions having been made since the Falklands War in the 1980s leaving its fleet of combat jets in a poor position today even by regional standards. While sixth

Reports of U.S. Sixth Gen. Fighter Entering Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase Unfounded – Still a Long Way To Go

U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has clarified prior widely circulated comments claiming that the sixth generation fighter program the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) had begun its engineering and manufacturing development phase (EMD), which he had first stated in June. Explaining his

India Developing AESA Radar For Its Su-30MKI Fighters: An Alternative to the Russian Irbis-E and N036 Byelka

The Indian state run Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has begin work developing an indigenous active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar for the country’s Su-30MKI heavyweight fighters, which currently form the backbone of the Air Force’s combat fleet with over 270 in

India’s Su-30MKI Marks 20 Years in Service: Why This Customised Super Fighter is Still South Asia’s Finest

Entering service in 2002, and with the latest orders for additional units having been placed in 2020, the Su-30MKI was developed specifically for the requirements of the Indian Air Force and today forms the backbone of the fleet with 11 squadrons in service. The fighter is a derivative of the Su-27

North Korea Claims New Doctrine Allowing Preemptive Nuclear Strikes is a Necessary Response to U.S. Provocations – UN General Assembly

North Korean ambassador to the United Nations Kim Song criticised the “hostile policies” of the United States for forcing Pyongyang to abandon the no first use policy governing its nuclear arsenal, which it had previously been one of just three nuclear weapons states to adhere to alongside China

North Korea’s MiG-21BiS Regiment: Acquired For Just $8 Million and Enhanced with Indigenous Tech

Despite representing a relatively antiquated fighter class abroad, the MiG-21BiS third generation single engine fighter has prominent status in the Korean People’s Army Air Force – the official name of the North Korean Air Force – which has struggled to acquire new fighter classes from abroad since

U.S. Air Force Chief Warns China Could Have a Sixth Gen. Fighter Active First: Possibly Just Months Between Rival Programs

Head of the U.S. Air Combat Command General Mark Kelly has warned that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army could begin to field sixth generation fighter aircraft before the United States Air Force, with the two considered in a league of their own in competing to develop such an aircraft first. “I

Moroccan Air Force’s New Enhanced F-16s Will Be Among Africa’s Top Fighters – But Fleet Still Badly Outmatched

The Moroccan Air Force is set to receive 25 F-16 Block 72 fighter aircraft from 2025-2027, making it one of the few countries to have purchased the costly iteration of the fourth generation fighter class which has been in production for close to half a century since 1973. Although the F-16 has