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Ukraine Receives Last of Promised Western Tank Classes with Abrams Deliveries: How Will They Be Deployed?

On September 25 Ukraine received its first batch of American M1A1 Abrams tanks, with President Volodymyr Zelensky stating that the vehicles “are already in Ukraine and preparing to reinforce our brigades.” The Ukrainian Army is expected to field 31 of the vehicles, with the numbers received so far

U.S. and Vietnam Discussing Sale of Enhanced F-16s: Benefits and Drawbacks of Falcons For Hanoi

The United States and Vietnam are reportedly discussing the possible sale of F-16 fighter planes to equip the Vietnam People’s Air Force, according to two figures familiar with the matter cited anonymously by Reuters. The negotiations are still in the “early stages,” and have reportedly been “a key

Has the West Reached a Turning Point in Support For Ukraine? Failed Summer Offensive Raises Controversy

Since years before the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict into a full scale war in early 2022, the post-2014 Western-aligned leadership in Kiev received very considerable support from across the NATO alliance to bolster its position military and economically. This ranged from laying the

After Leo 2 and Challenger 2 Losses, Ukrainian Intel Chief Warns Incoming Abrams Tanks May Not Last Long in Combat

The head of the Ukrainian Army’s Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov has warned that M1A1 Abrams tanks set to be delivered by the United States next week may not last long in combat unless reserved for use in very specific kinds of operations. If the American tanks are deployed “on the

Taepodong 2 – The North Korean Missile that Never Existed: How Western Analysts Mistook a Civilian Satellite Launcher for an ICBM

In the early stages of the North Korean ballistic missile program the country relied heavily on relatively relatively simple liquid fuelled designed based heavily on Soviet technologies. These included the short range Hwasong-5, 6 and 9 based on the Scud B and C, the solid fuelled Toksa based on