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India to Deploy Second S-400 Batch on Chinese Borders: Compensating for an Air Superiority Disadvantage?

Indian media outlets have widely reported that the country’s second battalion of S-400 air defence systems will be deployed on the country’s northern borders facing China, following the activation of the first battalion in December 2021 which was stationed on the western border facing Pakistan. The

F-22 Stealth Fighters Arrive in Poland to Face Russia: Redeployed From Russia’s Eastern Borders in Alaska

As Poland appears set to play an increasingly central role in NATO’s ongoing conflict with Russia, the United States has redeployed F-22 Raptor fifth generation fighters to the 32nd Tactical Air Base in the central Polish city of Lask where they will for the 90th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in

South Korea Produces the Best NATO-Compatible Tanks, Howitzers and Trainer Jets – And Poland Just Acted On It

On July 27 Poland and South Korea formalised a long anticipated landmark agreement on the delivery of over 1500 tanks and self propelled howitzers and 48 fighter jets, which represented the largest arms single export contract signed by the East Asian state as it emerges as a leader on the global arms market. The

Asian Allies Could Equip Russia with Rocket Artillery for Ukraine Outperforming America’s HIMARS: These Are The Leading Candidates

In the face of significant Russian gains from the late spring of 2022, one of the most notable new classes of weapons system supplied to the Ukrainian Military by its NATO allies has been the M142 HIMARS rocket artillery system, an asset first introduced into service in 2010 which Ukraine became

Mystery New Chinese J-10 Fighter With Enlarged Spine Revealed: Electronic Attack, Export or Another Purpose?

The publication of images of a new configuration of China’s J-10 single engine fighter has sparked widespread speculation regarding the aircraft’s purpose, how widely it will be fielded, and what the spine itself houses. The J-10 is a lightweight combat jet currently in production on a larger scale

World War II’s Most Dangerous Fighter First Flew 80 Years Ago: How the Allies Tackled the Messerschmitt Me 262

July 2022 marks 80 years since the first flight of the Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter using jet engines, which in an era where piston engines were the industry norm placed the German jet far ahead of its time. Beginning development in the late 1930s before Germany was at war with the Allied Powers,