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Israel Concerned as Modern Weapons Sent to Ukraine End Up in Mideast Militants’ Hands: Netanyahu Rules Out Iron Dome Sales

Israel has increasingly raised concerns that the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of armaments being sent to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of third parties outside the country, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning that arms sent by NATO member states have appeared in the hands of

Enhanced Variant of China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Makes First Flight With Twin Next Gen. WS-15 Engines: What Does It Mean Going Forwards?

The Chengdu J-20 fifth generation heavyweight air superiority fighter was revealed on June 29 to have made its first flight using the new WS-15 afterburning turbofan engine in twin configuration. The flight ocurred at the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation’s test airfield which is co-located

Russian Forces Destroy Storm Shadow Missile Depot and Electronic Intel. Centre: Attack Helicopters Target Ukraine’s Mech Brigades

On June 23 an unknown batch of the Russian Military neutralised a warehouse storing British supplied cruise missiles in Ukraine, which began deliveries in May and quickly began to be used for precision strike on targets far behind Russian lines. The Russian Defence Ministry reported the following day regarding the

Russia on the Brink of Civil War? How the West Responded to Wagner’s Unfolding 24 Hour Coup Attempt

In the late hours of June 23 a video emerged from the head of the Wagner Group private paramilitary organisation, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announcing that his forces would march on Moscow to “punish” the leadership, and in particular the Russian Defence Ministry, and “restore justice,” alleging that

Russian Air Force Receives New Su-35 Batch – Three Further Batches in Production After Iranian Orders Completed

The Russian Air Force has received a new batch of Su-35 ‘4++ generation’ fighter aircraft from the Komsomolsk on Amur aircraft plant to fulfil with orders placed with the state owned United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) by the Defence Ministry. Each fighter underwent flight tests in various modes of operation with technical services before being delivered to an

All Nine Weapons Carried By Russia’s New Fifth Gen. Fighter: Su-57 Equipped as a Bomber, Ship Hunter, Air Defence Suppressor and More

As production of Russia’s Su-57 next generation fighter continues to expand, belatedly beginning to bring the country’s air force into the fifth generation to compete with the Untied States and China, the aircraft’s capabilities and its armaments suite have both continued to grow. While initially intended for entry into service around 2015