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Unrivalled Reach: Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Fighter Now Has a 3500km Range Radar Evading Cruise Missile

The Russian Air Force’s sole squadron of Su-57 fifth generation fighter aircraft has been equipped with a nee class of very long ranged cruise missile, according to Russian state media reports on October 31. The missile is reportedly based on the Kh-101/102 which equip Russia’s Tu-22M, Tu-95 and

How a Dangerous Air Defence Shortage is Leaving U.S. Forces Increasingly Vulnerable in the Mideast, East Asia and Europe

The United States Military’s growing involvement in ongoing hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militia groups in the Gaza Strip, and the deployment of new air defence assets to the Middle East as part of a broader surge in the country’s regional military presence, has brought to light the

F-35’s Getting New Much Higher Yield Tactical Nuclear Bombs to Penetrate Fortifications – What Are Their Potential Targets?

On October 27 the U.S. Military announced plans to develop a new class of nuclear gravity bomb, the B61-13, which Pentagon has advocated the development of on the basis that existing nuclear warheads have insufficient power to engage hardened underground targets. “The B61-13 would take advantage of

Hamas Warns U.S. ‘Entering the Battle’ in Gaza as 5000 American Troops Participate in New Offensives – Reports

The U.S. Military has deployed 5000 personnel to participate in Israeli operations in Gaza against local militia groups, according to reports from a number of Middle Eastern media sources. This has coincided with the announcement that the Israeli military had expanded its ground operations in Gaza

Western Militaries’ Growing Role in Israel’s Gaza Campaign: U.S. Marine Generals and Special Ops. on the Ground as France Advocates Coalition Involvement

The Israeli Defence Forces have faced growing difficulties achieving the objective of destroying the Palestinian militia Hamas, according to a growing number of recent reports, with the United States having responded by providing growing levels of personnel and material support. The Pentagon most

Can’t Accumulate Debt Indefinitely: U.S. Budget Deficit Doubles as Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to Allocated to Finance New War Efforts

The United States Treasury Department’s latest figures released in the penultimate week of October have revealed that the country’s budget deficit has more than doubled, reaching $2.02 trillion deficit for the fiscal year through September compared to just $1 trillion for the preceding year. This

Russian Introducing New Inflight Retargeting Capability Onto Its Most Dangerous Tactical Missile: Kinzhal’s Importance Growing

The Russian Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air launched ballistic missile is set to gain a new capability to change target acquisition during the flight, according to a source close to the Russian Aerospace Forces quoted by state media outlet TASS on October 25. With the Kinzhal being closely derived