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British Sources Indicate Russian Su-57 Fighters Using Extreme Range R-37M Missiles to Shoot Down Ukrainian Aircraft

Since the participation of the Su-57 fifth generation fighter in the Russian-Ukrainian War was first reported in March 2022, a number of reports have emerged regarding the roles it has fulfilled. The aircraft was initially reported to be engaging in strike and later air defence suppression

Expect to Survive Just Four Hours: Ex U.S. Marine Reports From “Meat Grinder” Ukrainian Frontline in Bakhmut

Amid intense fighting on the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine’s Bakhmut region, where Russian forces and in particular units from the Wagner Group private military contractor firm have made important advances since the middle of the month, rare insight in to the conditions on the front was provided by a former U.S. Marine, Troy Offenbecker, who was involved in fighting in the area.

One Chinese Weapon Russia Needs For What is Coming: Why HJ-12 Missiles Are the Best Answer to Ukrainian Armoured Offensives

As Western countries pledge tens of billions of dollars worth of new weapons to support Ukraine’s war effort and its plans to capture Russian held territories, U.S. and particularly European sources have claimed that the Russian Military could receive support from China in the form of transfers of

A Year Into the War Ukraine Fields 10 Times More T-72 Tanks Than it Did at the Start: How Have Numbers Surged?

A year after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War, the future outcome of the conflict is expected to increasingly be determined by the supplies of armaments as the stockpiles and defence sectors of Russia and NATO members collectively show growing signs of struggling to keep up with the needs

Will Russia’s Latest Batch of Su-35s Deploy to a North Korean Fortified Base – And Patrol Iranian Nuclear Sites?

Following confirmation in 2022 that the Iranian Air Force would receive Su-35 fighter aircraft from Russia, with personnel from the Middle Eastern country training in Russia accordingly in preparation, the Iranian government published footage of a new very heavily fortified airbase named named

China Has Already Built its First L-15 Fighters for the United Arab Emirates Air Force: What Sales Are Next?

On February 21 a long suspected deal for the sale of Chinese L-15 twin engine lightweight fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates was confirmed, with images of the aircraft already in flight emerging on Chinese social media the following day. Such a contract was first reported in February 2022 but

China Offering Cutting Edge Type 052D Destroyers For Export: Are Algeria and Russia its Most lIkely Clients?

An export variant of the Chinese Type 052D destroyer has reportedly been developed to target foreign markets, with the 7,500 ton ships representing possibly the most capable surface combatants made available by any country for sale. Although China has emerged as a leading exporter of surface combat

North Korea Demonstrates Nuclear Arsenal’s Fast Reaction Time With “Surprise ICBM Drill” for “Nuclear Counterattack”: Hwasong-15 Back in Action

On February 19 North Korean state media announced that the country had carried out a launch of a Hwasong-15 intercontinental range ballistic missile (ICBM) the previous day. The launch was carried out just days before the launching of  major joint military exercises in Korea by U.S. and South