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West’s False Atrocity Stories Were Key to Justifying Iraq Invasion: Interviewing Scholar A. B. Abrams on New War Propaganda Research

March 2023 marks 20 years since the White House announced the beginning of a full scale invasion of Iraq – a decision which had broad reverberations not only across the Middle East but globally. While the invasion was for several reasons considered controversial at the time, primarily due to its

China’s New WS-15 Jet Engine Finally Enters Serial Production: How Will it Supercharge J-20 Stealth Fighters?

The WS-15 afterburning turbofan engine under development for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s top air superiority fighter the Chengdu J-20 has reportedly entered serial production, according to a statement by an Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) official. The long

Russia’s Medvedev Reveals 1500 T-90M Tanks Will Be Built This Year: Expresses Confidence They Can Tackle Top Western Armour

Amid fast growing deployments of T-90M ‘Breakthrough’ tanks by the Russian Army, the Deputy Chairman Russian Security Council former president Dmitry Medvedev has been the latest among officials to express a strong confidence in the performance of the vehicle. The T-90M joined the Russian Army in

China Brings New WS-20 Turbofan Engines Into Service For Y-20 Transports: A Major Boost to Airlift Capabilities

The Shenyang WS-20 turbofan engine has reportedly been made ready for operational service, with the power plants expected to enhance the capabilities of the country’s indigenous airlifter the Xi’an Y-20. Images of a Y-20 in the colours of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army integrating these

Britain Sending Depleted Uranium Rounds to Ukraine: Greatest Escalation Yet Pushes Very Close to Russia’s Nuclear Red Lines

British Minister of State for Defence Annabel Goldie announced on March 20 that her country would supply Ukraine with depleted uranium munitions as part of an aid package to bolster the Eastern European state’s ongoing war effort against Russia. The munitions would be supplied alongside Challenger 2 tanks, of which