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The World’s Fastest Combat Jets Guard Africa’s Largest Country: How Dangerous Are Algeria’s MiG-25 Foxbats?

Long considered to field the most capable combat inventory in Africa, the Algerian Air Force deploys the continent’s only large fighter fleet comprised entirely of modern fourth generation designs with nine units comprised of Su-30MKA, MiG-29 and Su-24 aircraft. Where Algeria long since retired

India’s Top Fighter the Su-30MKI Arrives in Egypt for Drills: Will it Influence Cairo’s Decision to Buy Similarly Capable Jets?

On June 26 Su-30MKI heavyweight fighters from the Indian Air Force were confirmed to have arrived in Egypt to participate in a month long tactical leadership program, with the long range aircraft having flown non stop into Africa while refuelling over the Persian Gulf with support of United Arab

U.S. Congress Tries to Block Air Force Plans for 2023 Retirement of F-22 Fighters: This is Why the Pentagon Wants Them Gone

U.S. Air Force plans to begin retirement of F-22 Raptor fifth generation fighters from service in 2023 have been met with strong opposition from both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, which have pressed to not only keep the small fleet at full strength but also to invest heavily in

China Has Been Teasing the World’s ‘Top Flanker’ for Years: It Has Finally Entered Production as the J-15B

 Following the launch on June 17 of China’s first flattop carrier, the warship Fujian estimated to displace over 80,000 tons, new images of the country’s carrier based fighter the J-15B have confirmed longstanding speculation that the aircraft is in fact a navalised derivative of a fighter