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U.S. Struggling to Finance Middle East Military Surge: Budgetary Crisis Threatens Pentagon Supply Chains

The Untied States has struggled to finance its large military buildup in the Middle East, which began in early October in response to the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and various Palestinian militia groups based in the Gaza Strip. A primary issue has been a gridlock in the U.S. Congress,

Taiwan Bought American F-16s For $124 Million Each: Its New Indigenous Fighter Costs Just $34 Million

The Republic of China (ROC) Air Force, the official name of the air arm of Taiwan’s armed forces, currently fields approximately 380 fighter planes divided between six units, with the ROC Defence Ministry having ordered a full units’ worth of F-16 Block 70/72 Fighting Falcon aircraft in 2019 to

U.S. Expands F-35 Deployments at Leading Base Near Taiwan: Replacing Old F-15s to Face China’s Top Fighters

The U.S. Air Force on November 20 deployed new F-35A fifth generation fighters to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, with the aircraft drawn from the 4th Fighter Squadron based at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. The service already has F-35As deployed at the facility, namely those from the 356th

North Korea Conducts Surveillance Over Guam: New Recon Satellite Launched and Ready For Operations

North Korea made its first successful launch of a surveillance satellite on November 21, with the state run Korean Central News Agency reporting the following day that a rocket at “accurately put the reconnaissance satellite ‘Malligyong-1’ on its orbit.” The launch was intended as a response to