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 What does the MWC Warranty Cover?

The MWC International two year warranty covers any of the items as detailed in our warranty policy. Our service centre will inspect any items which require attention under warranty, we normally either repair or replace a watch with the same model or a similar model of higher specification model if the original replacement model is not unavailable.

It is vital that all repair and warranty work during the 24 months* of the warranty period MUST be carried out by an authorized MWC repair centre to avoid the watch being damaged by repairers unfamiliar with some of the technology which we use, examples include the Tritium GTLS tubes, screw in pins or Hybrid movements. If the watch has been opened by an unauthorized repair center this will invalidate the warranty and result in a chargeable repair to correct the problem.

Your Warranty Covers:

  • GTLS Failure (within 12 months)
  • Movement failure
  • Hands falling off
  • Manufacturing defects
  • The Tritium GTLS vials coming off the dial or hands
  • The Watch losing or gaining outside of the normal range in the first year
  • Water Ingression (Subject to appropriate use of the watch and within its water resistance rating)

Your Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • The Battery
  • The Strap or bracelet
  • Leakage due to use in a shower or bath
  • Bezels becoming scratched, loose or lost
  • Damage due to misuse or accidental damage
  • Loss of the watch pins which hold the strap
  • The glass being scratched, chipped or broken
  • The Crown being broken or coming away from the case
  • The case back being scratched, broken or damaged or the back becoming loose
  • Faults or damage caused by an attempted repair by an unauthorized service center
  • Water Ingression due to the crown being left unscrewed, this includes thermal shock which can arise if for example a watch is in the sun and then plunged into a cold pool
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